White Cross Official School Shoes

Some shoes and sneaker deliveries may take longer than usual due to restocking.
Order by February 1st to avoid major price increases and major supply chain interruptions.

Please note that shoe factories were closed for 6 months
due to the pandemic and deliveries are way behind schedule.
Shoes are coming in everyday. Please order as soon as
possible to reserve your size.

White Cross Official School Shoes make a difference! Explore our website to find out why we are the leader for over half a century!

Since 1947, White Cross Official School Shoes is the world’s leader in uniform school shoes. No other company can provide the quality, service and experience that White Cross Shoes has.

All White Cross School Shoes come with Skylon Arch Supports. White Cross School Shoes are designed specifically for growing children. Most children’s shoes today are dumbed down versions of adult shoes. The end result is foot problems when the child gets older. White Cross Shoes have the support and fit that your children deserve. All White Cross School Shoes come in every width from Narrow to Wide Wide. Each shoe is designed to fit every student.

You can check our list of some of our schools that use White Cross school shoes.

Schools love us for the many different shoe programs we offer, and parents love us, because they know that their children are getting the best supportive shoes at the best possible price.

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